CPS6000 Cabinet Power System

CPS6000 systems are easy to setup and operate with a broad range of applications in outside plant and customer premise locations. The controller can be configured using either the front panel display, a laptop computer connected to the local port, or remotely using the ethernet connection. Battery management features and options include slope thermal compensation, low-voltage battery disconnect, battery high-temperature alarm and battery shorted cell detection. Ideally suited for applications where space and durability in harsh environments are critical, CPS6000 is available in either front- or rear-wiring configurations.

CPS6000 Cabinet Power System


  • Hardened for extreme environments.
  • OSP cabinet and customer premise applications.
  • Efficiency up to 97%.
  • High-density power.
  • 10 to 600A systems at -48V.
  • Flexible AC input.

product nameinput voltage rangeoutput voltageoutput current
CPS6000 Cabinet Power System
90-265VAC Single Phase42-58VDC10-600A

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