OmniOn Power Life-cycle services

OmniOn Power Life-cycle Services

Our customers require reliable, quality and efficient power to support their ever-increasing infrastructure needs, while helping to ensure 24/7 operation and eliminate unplanned downtime.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of power system services and tools, to help equip our customers with the reliable, quality, and efficient power they need for their unique applications across the data center, 5G/wireless and industrial segments.

Our end-to-end consulting, installation and maintenance services help ensure peak power efficiency, performance and system assurance – all of which help deliver improved OpEx and return on investment (ROI).

OmniOn Power Life-cycle services our expertise your success

Life-Cycle Services Customer Benefits

OmniOn Power uptime, reliability, business/service assurance and efficiency.
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Uptime, reliability, business/service assurance, and efficiency

OmniOn Power complete, holistic product and service provider.
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Complete, holistic product and service provider (we’re the OEM on much of the equipment we service. We know it inside and out)

OmniOn Power the ability to enable/extend the value of Cap/Ex investments.
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Ability to enable/extend the value of CapEx investments

OmniOn Power extended Life-cycle performance and value and direct access to spare parts.
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Extended Life-cycle performance and value and direct access to spare parts

OmniOn Power warranty support management.
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Warranty support management (with OEM)

OmniOn Power troubleshooting ahead of an issue because of our knowledge, experience and historical data and analysis.
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Troubleshooting ahead of an issue because of our knowledge, experience, and historical data and analysis

Learn More About Our Service Offerings

OmniOn Power deployment and start-up

Deployment and Start-Up

Our deployment and start-up includes on-site engineering evaluations and recommendations, including detailed grounding audits. The site audits are performed by our experienced field service engineers who provide a comprehensive list of inventory and power capacity, and a complete road map from system design, installation, and test and turn-up - to ongoing rapid on-site technical support.

OmniOn Power maintenance


Maintenance includes scheduled site inspections and involves a review of system and alarm histories, firmware upgrades per OEM-recommendations, inspection and preventative maintenance on critical components, system evaluation per OEM standards, advanced diagnostics and processes, and on-site consulting regarding equipment exchanges and upgrades.

OmniOn Power upgrade and retrofit

Upgrade and Retrofit

We offer engineered OEM solutions to upgrade and retrofit existing power systems, while maintaining the ROI of legacy equipment, and helping to meet the increased power demands of the equipment at your site. Our coverage is one you can count on, with flexible agreements that can include parts and labor. We can provide customers with an upgrade, retrofit or replacement of new products, while transitioning seamlessly to new digital connected power equipment, for advanced monitoring and control, efficiency and high-density computing.

OmniOn Power asset management services.

Asset Management Services

We offer 24/7, 365 days/year technical support, and a single point of contact.
Our comprehensive care agreements include records of all service calls and actions, on-site repairs performed by a national network of OEM-trained service technicians, and factory repair centers using OEM spare parts and advanced unit replacement programs.
We also offer single-cell and full-string battery replacements, with a certified disposal of used batteries.

OmniOn Power training and support

Training and Support

Whether your team needs a tune-up on DC power essentials, personnel and network safety protocols, or advanced training on the newest power systems (including controllers), our team of experts is ready to share their power design and deployment knowledge with your organization.

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