OmniOn Power: data center/ wireline and us

Data Center Power/Wireline Solutions

Data is at the center of just about everything we do today. Demands for capacity, computing power and efficiency are at all-time highs – and the digital transformation of how we work, live, and play, will only continue to amplify the need for more robust and reliable data center/wireline and networking infrastructures.

We’re increasingly reliant on real-time, always accessible information and communication, and processing all of that information is no small task.

In our increasingly connected, data-driven world, data center/wireline reliability, efficiency and sustainability are essential. These mission-critical facilities are providing the foundation for future business, and innovations like the roll-out of 5G and advancements in industrial applications, will further cement data center/wireline as critical enablers of our everyday lives.

Data Center Power and OmniOn Power

Data Center/Wireline resiliency, efficiency and reliability is essential to meeting the exponentially growing demand for cloud-based applications. This starts at a data center/wireline facility’s core – its power architecture. Power is the ultimate enabler; it’s critical to scaling operations in response to rapidly changing and continuously increasing capacity demands in the always- on data center/wireline.

We’re constantly developing innovative technologies, solutions, and topologies to help customers reimagine and reconfigure their data center/wireline power architectures, to facilitate increased computing capacity and improve operations and scalability.

Our power systems and solutions span the entirety of the data center/wireline – from networking equipment right in the cabinet, to rack- level distribution systems, to power, all of the way down to the embedded power modules helping to ensure each component in a server or router receives the precise power level they require.

We know mission critical. We’ve lived and breathed it for decades powering ever-evolving telecommunications networks - central offices to, now, the edge of network. And we’re leveraging our expertise to bring your data center/wireline the power solutions needed to keep critical facilities and equipment up-and-running, 24/7.

The energy to fuel your data center/wireline starts with power systems that build value and new efficiencies right from the start – and all along the way. We know that for your data center/wireline, power is mission critical and always-on.

Powering today’s digital, data-driven world requires advanced data centers/wireline like yours, and our team offers a comprehensive set of products and services to help ensure energy efficiency and performance across the life-cycle of your data center/wireline – while also delivering operational excellence with new levels of both operating expenses (OpEx) and return on investment (ROI).

Whether you’re looking for a quick-turn repair, have a critical question, are worried about getting the right equipment to a remote data center/wireline, or are looking to schedule “need-it- now” maintenance, all it takes is a single call to our technical support team – which is here to help you with your needs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Data Center/Wireline and us

Our team offers comprehensive product and service solutions to meet our customers’ unique industry challenges and to help ensure peak power efficiency and performance across the life-cycle of your data center/wireline applications.