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5G Power and Wireless Networks

The roll-out of 5G wireless telecom infrastructure has the potential to disrupt the status quo. Its application though extends far beyond just smartphones. 5G has the promise to unlock an unprecedented level of interconnectivity, that is revolutionizing how we live, work and play.

Providing low latency, faster speeds, expanded capacity and enhanced ultra-reliability, 5G has the power to accelerate the mainstream adoption of IoT/IIoT across multiple industries.

Simply put, all is made possible because of 5G operation in higher frequency bands (C-Band, mmWave), which offer increased bandwidth slots of 20MHz and 50MHz, instead of the traditional 5MHz and 10MHz ones.

Because of this, 5G networks must be robust and reliable enough to handle the massive bandwidth demands that will come with an influx of enhanced connected applications and 5G devices, and the increased data creation, computing and consumption they will require.

5G Power and OmniOn

We’ve been at the center of powering wireless communications since the inception of the industry, delivering reliable, high-quality, efficient power solutions across the entirety of the network.

From the core, to the transport infrastructure, and the radio access network, our customers value our history of innovation and our commitment to helping them solve their toughest power challenges.

We understand these unique industry challenges. We’ve innovated through its generational evolutions, and we’re applying our expertise and experience to anticipate the power challenges to come as wireless networks continue to evolve.

We have intrinsic know-how when it comes to servicing and maintaining 5G power supplies and systems – offering a complete, holistic, one-stop shop for 5G power products and life-cycle services. We know telecom – including 5G. It’s where our roots are. And we’ve helped the industry innovate throughout every step of telecom evolution.

The energy to drive your 5G and wireless network starts with power systems, that build value and new efficiencies right from the start – and all along the way. We’re reliant on fast, widespread, reliable wireless networks for our everyday lives – both in business and at home. And ensuring those networks remain powered and up-and-running is critical.

Uptime, reliability, business/service assurance, and rapid response are what our customers care about, and our 5G services team can provide all of this and more.

5G and us

Our team offers a comprehensive set of services to help ensure peak power efficiency and performance across the life-cycle of your 5G and wireless networks – while also delivering operational excellence with new levels of both operating expenses (OpEx) and return on investment (ROI).