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Industrial Power

The industrial segment has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Take a look back through history – from the initial industrial revolution which focused on mechanization, steam and hydropower, to the influx of mass production made possible by assembly lines in the late 1800s, to the rise of the automation and advanced manufacturing in the 1960s and 70s. Today, we are experiencing the next industrial revolution – one powered by connectivity and cyber-physical systems. We are talking, of course, about the industrial internet of things (IIOT).

Throughout the decades, each revolution has built on the strengths of the previous and implemented new technologies to achieve new functionality. Now, with the groundwork laid, Industry 4.0 is primed to advance industrial applications like never before.

Propelled by advancements in 5G wireless communications, innovations in data centers and data management, as well as advancements in industrial automation equipment, this new industrial revolution is enabling the technologies of the future.

While each industrial application has its own unique challenges to mainstream adoption, there are a few unifying needs. Connectivity, and reliable, efficient power.

Industrial and us

In the Industrial 4.0 age, powering manufacturing equipment, systems and networks is less about “specification” and more about “innovation” that breaks through traditional manufacturing, logistics and design barriers.

Our dedicated research and development team is constantly innovating with smart, connected, high-density and highly efficient power conversion technologies, to overcome our customers’ ever-evolving design constraints and to empower future industrial innovations.

From large-scale utility operations and backup power systems, to specialized industrial applications including advanced manufacturing, robotics, and electric vehicle battery charging (to name a few), power is at the center, enabling the innovations that will propel the next industrial revolution as well as the smart cities and societies of the future.

Enabling these innovations requires reliable, efficient, and quality power systems that build value right from the start – and all along the way.

Industrial Power and OmniOn

Our team offers comprehensive product and service solutions to meet our customers’ unique industry challenges and to help ensure peak power efficiency and performance across the life-cycle of your utility and industrial applications.