CPS6000 QS Series Rectifiers

The QS rectifier family is designed to operate in harsh temperature environments converting AC power to AC power. These rugged rectifiers are capable of full load operation across the temperature range without derating. Integrated into the CPS6000 power system, the QS rectifiers provide a battery reserve system with battery management features such as slope thermal compensation, low-voltage disconnect, battery high-temperature alarm and shorted-cell detection.



  • Compact – 2RU form factor provides high power density.
  • Operate over a broad temperature range (–40C through +75C).
  • Start and run at any AC voltage from 85 to 275VAC.
  • Constant power operation.
  • Extended service life – parallel operation with automatic load sharing ensures that units are not unduly stressed.

product nameinput voltage rangeoutput voltageoutput current
CPS6000 QS Series Rectifier
90-265VAC Single Phase42-58VDC 15-50A 

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