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Intelligent System Controllers

DC power plant intelligent controllers come in many shapes and sizes. From the small power plant using the Pulsar Edge to the GPS4848/100 using the Millennium II, the range of monitoring and control offered is extensive. Controllers can be configured with or without front panel displays. Communications protocols to meet all remote control and monitoring needs. Internally generated web pages are also available.

Intelligent System Controllers


  • Advanced monitoring and control functionality packaged for multiple applications.
  • Communications with system components and external equipment.
  • Fully integrated Ethernet controllers supporting variety of protocols.
  • Full suite of system alarms, annunciated by discrete relays and ethernet communications.
Product Name Product Description
Nebula System Controller
Nebula is the latest embedded controller in the IntegritasTM family of products with advanced system monitoring and control features. Built on a modern ARM-based platform, the controller monitors system components within the charger including rectifiers, inputs, outputs, and alarms utilizing a high speed digital communications bus.
Pulsar Plus
The Galaxy Pulsar Plus NE843 family of controllers provides system monitoring and control features for NE, CP, and other power systems. These controllers monitor and control system components including rectifiers, converters, and distribution modules via a multidrop RS485 digital communications bus.
Pulsar Edge
The Galaxy Pulsar Edge controller delivers large system intelligence in a small form factor.
Pulsar XL
Pulsar XL is a variant of the Pulsar Plus controller with a display developed specifically for the IntegritasTM family of products.
Millennium II
Capable of controlling and monitoring as many as 64 rectifiers, the Galaxy Millennium II controller simplifies the administration and surveillance associated with large power plants and auxiliary equipment.
Millennium SC
The Galaxy Millennium® SC Controller, a standalone version of our flagship Galaxy Millennium® II controller, is designed to address the needs of the most modern DC energy systems as well as legacy ferro and SCR rectifiers. Building on the Galaxy Millennium platform, the Millennium SC (MSC) controller delivers state-of-the-art visibility by combining sophisticated control, monitoring, and remote network access in a single integrated unit. The controller has been designed to simplify DC plant operations and maintenance routines as well as optimize provisioning and expansion.
VIM1 Smart Meter
The VIM1 is a smart monitoring controller used for monitoring and reporting load parameters in DC distribution applications.
RADIUS Client Module
The RADIUS client module is an optional module that can be added to an existing OmniOn Power controller to allow it to participate in a customer’s RADIUS authentication process for user access control. This module can also be added as a factory-installed option on new systems.

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