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The GPS4830 integrates the time-tested DC distribution found in the GPS4848 with the high-efficiency GP100 rectifiers. A bay with 2,640A of rectifier capacity also has up to 45 inches of vertical space available in the bay for DC distribution panels. GPS4830 systems provide ampacity and distribution for most applications up to 21,120A at -48V while retaining all the proven features found with the larger GPS4848.

GPS4830 Power Plant Door Closed


  • Three-phase 480VAC nominal input (320-530 VAC).
  • Three-phase 240VAC nominal input (180-275 VAC).
  • Utilizes the high efficiency GP100 rectifier.
  • Rectifier efficiencies exceeding 96%.
  • Up to 2,640A 48VDC from single bay.
  • Scalable power (multiple configurations available, including up to eight power bays).
  • System capacity of up to 21,120A at 48VDC.

Product NameInput Voltage RangeOutput VoltageOutput Current
320-530VAC Three Phase
180-275VAC Three Phase

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