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EV100/EV101 Rectifier for EV DC Fast Charging

The EV100/EV101 rectifiers are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charger applications. Their power conversion capabilities meet both the traditional 400-volt charging standard and newly introduced 1,000-volt DC fast-charging standards. This broad output charging range combined with the rectifiers’ high operating efficiency – greater than 96% in optimum conditions – make them well-suited for current and future EV charging infrastructure. In addition, their modular, self-contained, air-cooled chassis help enable rapid serviceability and parallelable installations.

EV100/101 Rectifier


  • Parallel operation for up to 360kW total output.
  • True three-phase AC input eliminates phase balancing.
  • Wide available output range that can be set between 150 and 1,000 VDC for broad system applications.
  • Wide-range temperature operation.
  • Easy system integration through CAN bus interface.
  • Protected output (overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature) helps ensure safe vehicle charging.


  • Electric vehicle fast DC charging stations.
  • Battery or super-cap EV load shedding cabinets.
ModelINPUT Range (V)VoutPOUTEfficiency

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