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IR-Series Industrial Rectifiers

The IR-series of rectifiers provide high-efficiency, high-density power conversion in a compact, single rack unit format. The front-to-back airflow design uses minimal space and is highly expandable for future growth. Single phase 200V/240Vrms and true three-phase 380/480Vrms input products are designed to be deployed internationally and operate from single phase or Wye- or Delta-configured AC inputs. True three-phase operation means that load phase balancing is a thing of the past.

Load sharing and hot-swappable parallel operation allow for large systems to be built incorporating any level of redundancy for high-reliability applications. 

IR-Series product


  • Compact – 1RU form factor provides high power density.
  • Peak efficiency of 95.6% occurs at 50% load matching sweet spots with customer use patterns.
  • Operates over a broad temperature range (–10C through +75C).
  • Hot-insertion capabilities allow for rectifier replacement without system shutdown; soft start and inrush current protection prevent nuisance tripping of upstream breakers.
  • Extended service life – parallel operation with automatic load sharing ensures that units are not unduly stressed

ModelINPUT Range (V)VoutIoutEfficiency
320-530V AC, 3PH 90-160V DC50A @ Vout = 90-125V DC
40A @ Vout = 142V DC
32A @ Vout = 160V DC
95-277V AC, 1PH90-160V DC10A @low input line
20A @high input line
95-277V AC, 1PH22-29V DC44A @low input line
100A @high input line
320-530V AC, 3PH 180-300V DC25A~96%

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