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595LT-Series Rectifiers

The 595LT-series of high-power rectifiers utilize efficient, compact power trains to provide reliable, quality power for GPS centralized and distributed DC power architectures. The 48V, hot-pluggable diode-protected rectifiers provide high efficiency power conversion.

595LT-Series Rectifiers


  • The ability to fit two units in a single shelf provides high power density and compatibility with previous-generation systems.
  • Efficient – peak efficiency of 95% occurs at 50% load matching sweet spots with customer use patterns.
  • Operates over a broad temperature range (0C through +50C).
  • Fail-safe performance – hot insertion capabilities allow for rectifier replacement without system shutdown; soft start and inrush current protection prevent nuisance tripping of upstream breakers.
  • Extended service life – parallel operation with automatic load sharing helps ensure that the units are not unduly stressed.

ModelINPUT Range (V)VoutIoutEfficiency

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