Power Express Shelves

The Power Express family of Class 2 Distribution shelves provide 100VA limited circuits for safe powering of remote loads. Their NEC Class 2 rating allows for power cabling to be deployed in a data cable raceway instead of conduit, reducing labor time and increasing speed to market. Each shelf is designed to support an alarm card for stand-alone deployment and can be uplinked over the RS-485 data bus through the RJ-45 connection on the rear of the shelf. This uplink allows each shelf to interface with a Pulsar Plus controller (commonly used in our Infinity power systems), allowing local access, alarming and control of each circuit in every shelf – as well as remote interface over the controller LAN connection. Shelf configurations include a 32-circuit limiter shelf, a 32-circuit extended reach shelf with integrated voltage boost, and a 16-circuit shelf with an integrated rectifier. 

Power Express Shelf


  • Fast and easy circuit terminations help speed deployment.
  • Individual circuit on/off/reset.
  • Replace modules without having to rewire the shelf.
  • Simple push button operation.
  • Class 2-compliant delivery with internal fusing (higher-rated fuses cannot be installed thereby violating the Class 2 performance).
  • Uplink to master controller for remote access over LAN.


  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Fiber to the Desk/Room
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Security Cameras
shelf modelmounting widthinput voltageoutput voltageclass 2 circuit outputs per shelf
Power Express Limiter
19"-48VDC-42 to -57 VDC32
Power Express Extended Reach
Power Express AC
19"120/240VAC-42 to -57 VDC16

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