Power Express Combiners

Our Power Express Combiners have been developed to provide safe and effective remote powering for loads that exceed the 100VA capabilities of a single Class 2 circuit. The combiners provide interfaces for two, four and eight Class 2 power circuits fed from the upstream location and provides NEC-compliant aggregation to deliver a bulk -48V power source for remote devices. Power Express Combiners help give customers the peace of mind that Class 2 deployments powering larger loads meet NEC requirements by ensuring power circuits are combined through galvanic isolation while providing a -48V nominal bulk output to reliably power connected loads.

Power Express Combiner


  • 2, 4, and 8 circuit Class 2 power
  • Simple wire terminations help reduce installation time and materials
  • Combine power circuits for loads greater than the 100VA Class 2 limit
  • Bulk -48VDC nominal output to power loads
  • Compact 1 RU sub-rack design fits in small spaces


  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Fiber to the Desk/Room
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Security Cameras
combiner modelwidthinput voltageoutput voltagemax output watts
Power Express 2 Circuit Combiner
6"-42VDC to -60VDC-54.5VDC150W
Power Express 4 Circuit Combiner
6"-42VDC to -60VDC-54.5VDC300W
Power Express 8 Circuit Combiner
12"-42VDC to -60VDC-54.5VDC600W

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