The BoostLynxTM family provides voltage step-up from an input voltage of 8-16VDC to an output voltage of 16-34VDC or 32-54VDC. Available in 65W and 130W with high voltage and low voltage versions, the BoostLynx PoLs are suitable for a wide range of electronic products where some components require higher voltage than the typical 12V bus. For example, cellular small cell remote radio heads (RRH). The boost modules can also be used to step-up an existing 12V bus to a 24V or 48V bus.



  • Small, compact, board-mounted 65W and 130W boost converters.
  • Complete, easy-to-design module solution.
  • Optimized for conduction-cooled applications for use in thermally demanding operating conditions with little or no airflow.
  • Wide input voltage range (8VDC-16VDC).
  • Output voltage programmable from 16-34VDC or 32-54VDC via external resistor.
  • Tunable Loop to optimize dynamic output voltage response.
  • Output overcurrent protection (non-latching).


  • Industrial equipment.
  • Distributed power architecture.
  • Telecommunication.
power modulesinput rangevoutpoutpeak efficiencyCheck Inventorypower module wizard
(high voltage)
8.0 - 16.0V32.0 - 54.0V65W94.7%Check stock Use the Tool
(low voltage)
8.0 - 16.0V16.0 - 34.0V 65W95.7%Check stock Use the Tool
(high voltage)
8.0 - 16.0V32.0 - 54.0V130W94%Check stock Use the Tool
(low voltage)
8.0 - 16.0V16.0 - 34.0V130W96%Check stock Use the Tool

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