The PIM400-series of power input modules are designed to help simplify the task of implementing dual-redundant, hot-swappable -48VDC power distribution with EMI filtering on an ATCA or other telecom boards. When used with a variety of our bus converters (Barracuda-series) and PoLs (DLynx-series), the PIM400 – with optional I2C digital interface capability – provides a quick, simple and elegant power solution to a wide variety of demanding and intelligent power system architectures.



  • -48V/10A dual-redundant input power distribution.
  • Isolated auxiliary power (3.3V/5V).
  • Trimmable (50-90V) voltage for holdup/bulk capacitors.
  • OR'ing functionality, inrush protection and hot-swap capability.
  • Integral EMI filter to meet CISPR Class B.
  • I2C digital interface options.
  • Isolated A/B feed loss/open fuse alarm.
  • High efficiency: 98%.


  • ATCA front board/blade.
  • Telecom central office equipment.
  • High availability server and storage applications.
power modulesinput rangecurrent ratingauxiliary output and optionsefficiencyCheck Inventory
48V (36V-75V)10A3.3V/3.6A 5.0V/0.15AStandard98%Check stock
48V (36V-75V)10A3.3V/3.6A 5.0V/0.15AI²C98%Check stock

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