Legacy DC Power Systems

Legacy DC Power Systems

Built on a heritage of reliability, our DC Power products stand the test of time. Although no longer in production, many of our legacy products are still in use today.

Our technical support teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with any questions and concerns you may have.

Product Information Input Range Input Voltage Output Voltage Power Efficiency Size (L*W*H)
5068 BDFB
5069/5069HC BDFB/BDCBB
Acid Spill Management System
Legacy BDFB/BDCBB H569-445
CIU AC Current Interface Unit
CPS Frame Mounted -48 to +27 Volt Converter Plant
FIU AC Frequency Interface Unit
Galaxy Gateway
Galaxy Millennium Controller
Galaxy SC Controller
GPS 2424 H569-437
HR Series Battery
Infinity M - Series 1 
Infinity P2
IR-30EC and IR-40EC Series I Battery
IR Series II Battery
Lineage 2000 J85500A2 Plant
NX400 Energy System
OPS 24/800
PXS Power Expansion Shelf
RPM Remote Peripheral Monitoring J85501G-1
Round Cell Battery
Round Cell Battery Stand
SLI Inverters
Supplemental Battery Stand J85504D
Thermal Probe Multiplexer 210E
Unigy II Battery
Unigy II Series 95 Battery
VCIU AC Voltage-Current Interface Unit
VIU AC Voltage Interface Unit
Infinity C

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