The Slim Line Power (SLP)-series of Front-End rectifiers are highly efficient and dense isolated power supplies. Their compact 1U x 1U or 1.5U x 1.5U form factors make the rectifiers ideal for space-constrained applications. The mid- to light-load efficiency of the power supplies are of key importance given the nature of the power consumption of the end application.

The SLP-series rectifiers provide comprehensive solutions for systems connected to commercial AC mains, power plants or telecom central offices. They utilize an industry-standard, PMBus-compliant I2C communication bus, offering a full range of control and monitoring capabilities while the SMBAlert signal pin alerts customers automatically of any state change within the power supplies.



  • 1U x 1U or 1.5U x 1.5U compact size.
  • 12V and 54V outputs available.
  • Hot-pluggable.
  • Digital status and control capabilities with PMBus serial bus.
  • UL, TUV.


  • 12V distributed power architectures.
  • Mid-end and blade servers.
  • Routers and switches.
  • Advanced workstations.
  • Network equipment and storage.
  • Enterprise networks.
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AC90 - 264V12V750W94%11.81" x 1.52" x 1.57"FRONT / REARCheck stock

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