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BPS Power System

The BPS product family provides reliable DC power where system height and depth are restricted. The power systems provide advanced controller features in compact, cost-efficient footprints. The BPS systems with pluggable DC breaker distribution panels incorporate a 1RU rectifier shelf that is 10.3 inches deep in both 19- and 23-inch-wide frames that provide five and six rectifier slots accordingly. The power systems incorporate OmniOn’s Pulsar family of controllers mounted in the primary distribution panel, and they provide ethernet connectivity to facilitate remote network management to monitor and control rectifiers, batteries, and distribution.

BPS Power System


  • Incorporate 1RU rectifier for compact systems.
  • Enables high-capacity breaker distribution configurations.
  • Flexible solutions from 5RU to 10RU.
  • Broad range of power from 2000W to 36000W.
  • Provides efficiencies greater than 96%

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